I’m currently a research associate within the Collaborative Research Centre 1288 „Practices of Comparing“ at Bielefeld University, Germany and I’m pursuing a PhD in the field of Digital and Public Humanities. My thesis with the working title „Research Foundations and their Influence on the Digital Transformation of Historical Research“ is supervised by Dr. Silke Schwandt. At the same time, I’m doing freelance consulting and share my insights in digital strategy planning, communication planning and digital project management in- and ouside of academia. As a digital humanist and culture manager, my interests range widely, with a special interest in the interlinking of the digital with our cultural heritage. I am especially interested in the History of Arts, Humanities and Sciences, Culture and Science Management and Science and Technology Studies and how digitisation is changing practices and theories of scholars, curators, librarians, archivists and all others involved in the research process. I further investigate how changing formats transform the interaction with the public in general.

The goal of this website is twofold, the first one being a personal space where I blog about my experiences as a research associate and doctoral candidate in the field of Digital and Public Humanities and, the second one being to provide an outline of my skills and my portfolio. This website is in a personal capacity and all opinions and thoughts I share on here are my own and are not in alignment with my employer or clients.

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