Since May 2017, Anna Maria Neubert is a research associate in the Department for History, Philosophy and Theology at Bielefeld Univeristy, where she is responsible for supervising all data- and information-related activities as part of the subproject INF „Data Infrastructure and Digital Humanities“ in the Collaborative Research Center 1288 „Practices of Comparing“. Simultaneoulsy, she is pursuing a PhD at the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology researching on how funding bodies, particularly influential foundations, have an impact on the digitisation of Humanities, especially in History. In addition, she works as a freelance consultant and advises on topics related to digitality, science communication and digital project management.


Anna Maria Neubert holds two Masters degrees, one in Digital Humanities from King’s College London and one in Culture and Media Management from Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg. She received her Bachelors in Musicology and Digital Humanities from University of Würzburg in 2012, after she finished school in 2009 in a small town in Bavaria, Germany.

Professional Experience

During her studies, Anna Neubert worked continously as a student and research assistant in projects ranging from the organisation of the Text Encoding Conference 2011 in Würzburg to the development of a data base of oriental music. While working in the library at the University of Würzburg for almost three years, she additionally completed various internships, e.g. with a music trader in Würzburg, a local concert organiser in Freiburg i. Br., a digital research edition in Karlruhe and the organisation of the Music Encoding Conference 2013 in Mainz. She started her professional career in 2013 at the University of Paderborn, working in different digital research projects. After nearly 3 years in Paderborn she changed jobs and worked as a strategy consultant and research manager with city2science in Bielefeld and at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science in Cleves. Since 2017 she works at Bielefeld University. For more information on the diverse range of projects in which Anna Neubert is and was involved, have a look at Projects.

Presentations, Workshops And Posters
Please note that Anna married in Dec. 2017, her maiden surname was Komprecht.

Komprecht, Anna Maria & Silke Schwandt (2017): Comparing in the Digital Age. About the Transformation of Practices. Presented at the Kickoff-Conference of the SFB 1288 „Practices of Comparing. Ordering and Changing the World“, Bielefeld University.

Komprecht, Anna Maria & Silke Schwandt (2017): Mixed Methods in the Field of Digital Humanities. Seminar at the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology, Bielefeld University.

Komprecht, Anna Maria & Daniel Röwenstrunk (2015): What is ‚Granularity of Musical Objects‘? Poster presented at the Music Encoding Conference 2015, Università degli Studi di Firenze.

Komprecht, Anna Maria & Andreas Oberhoff (2015): Modellierung von Annotationen in der digitalen Musik- und Medienedition. Presented at the DHd-Tagung: „Von Daten zu Erkenntnissen: Digitale Geisteswissenschaften als Mittler zwischen Information und Interpretation„. Karl-Franzens-University Graz.

Komprecht, Anna Maria & Benjamin Bohl (2013): Qualitätssicherung innerhalb digitaler Forschungsumgebungen, Edirom Summer School, Paderborn University.

Komprecht, Anna Maria (2013): Qualitätsmanagement in den Geisteswissenschaften, Paderborn University.

Komprecht, Anna Maria & Christoph Schöch (2012): Digitale Musikedition: Einführung und Grundlagen der Edirom-Tools. Workshop series of the Center for Digital Edition, University of Würzburg.


Komprecht, Anna Maria & Daniel Röwenstrunk (2016): Projektmanagement in digitalen Forschungsprojekten. Ein Leitfaden für interdisziplinäre und kooperative Drittmittelprojekte im Umfeld Digitaler Editionen. In „Ei, dem alten Herrn zoll‘ ich Achtung gern'“. Festschrift für Joachim Veit zum 60. Geburtstag. Allitera, Munich, p. 509–522.

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