Having data doesn’t make you successful.

Knowing what to do with it does.

O’Reilly – Jupytor

My skills range widely and I’m available to provide support for teams or on a one-on-one basis. I’m able to help with:

  • Development and implementation of digital strategies in memory and cultural heritage institutions, research projects and small businesses
  • (Digital) project management with different on- and offline methods
  • Using tools to enhance research collaboration
  • Communication planning for different audiences, building audiences and ensuring visibility
  • Development and implementation of dissemination strategies for projects
  • Planning and structuring small- and large-scale projects (analogue and digital)
  • Workshops and Presentations on topics related to Digital and Public Humanities, Digital Cultural Heritage, Science and Research Communication and Culture and Media Management
  • Writing project applications in the filed of Digital and Public Humanities, Culture Management and Science Communication.

These are just some suggestions. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss options and opportunities. If you want to obtain an overview of my vita and projects in which I was invovled, have a look at my Bio and my Projects.

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